Station Log

5th September 2016

New Davis VP2 install, New computer to run the weather staion installed.

22nd May 2012

After a power cut at 07:30 hrs on the 19th May 2012 Hard drive as failed

Should be back up and running 23rd May 2012

31st December 2011

Happy New Year everyone.

29th December 2011

M Drydale your email keeps getting bounced back, please get in touch again

10th November 2011

Power cut from 11.07 till 13.10 Looks like data lost

14th May 2011

New Guestbook page added

Still can't get the Record HI/LOW to work.

6th May 2011

Just about got every thing working, except for the record hi/low, not sure what wrong with that

Will look into that over the weekend.

Solar senor is working again.

30th April 2011

Just moved to new web host

Just done update on the web site, you might find some pages not working correctly

Should get them sorted over the next few days.